Patrick Cassidy

Seminar with Patrick Cassidy

Aikido seminar with Patrick Cassidy in Maastricht
New dates will be announced soon.


19.30-20.15 meditation and guidance
20.15-22.00 aikido

11.00-12.00 meditation
12.00-13.30 and 15.00-17.00 aikido

11.00-12.00 meditation
12.00-14.30 aikido

100 euro for the whole seminar (max. 20 participants). Staying at the Dojo is possible.
Friday or Sunday 40 euro
Saturday 50 euro

Duitsepoort 13 A, 6221 VA in Maastricht, The Netherlands

Meditation workshop
Extra and free of charge for the people who join the seminar.

Patrick Cassidy
Patrick Cassidy, 6th dan Aikikai is the chief instructor at Aikido Montreux. Cassidy Sensei has studied the art of Aikido for over 20 years. He spent more than six and a half years living and training fulltime in Iwama, Japan with the late Morihiro Saito, 9th dan. Saito Sensei was the longest disciple of Morihei Ueshiba, O'Sensei, the founder of Aikido. Iwama is the home of the Founder's dojo and the Aiki Shrine, a pilgrimage site for the world community of Aikido. Cassidy Sensei has also continued his study with other wonderful instructors such as Takeda Yoshinobu, 7th dan, Robert Nadeau, 7th dan, Richard Moon, 5th dan, Peter Ralston, (the founder of Cheng Hsin), and Vernon Kitabu Turner Roshi.

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