We offer an extensive training schedule (See schedule here):
•    for adults two classes per week
•    for youth once a week

We are constantly working on deepening and developing Aikido.
Aikido for us is more than a Martial Art. It is moreover developing a way to living.

Studying Aikido contains:
•    Martial techniques
•    Dealing with resistance
•    Harmonizing conflict

Aikido as a way of life is the search for:
•    inner and outer peace
•    freedom and relaxation
•    authenticity
•    feeling your innermost core
•    connection with yourself, the people around you and the universe

On a regular basis we invite inspiring aikido teachers as Patrick Cassidy and Miles Kessler. Occasionally we also host aikido courses with teachers like Robert Nadeau – Shihan, Richard Moon -sensei and Kitabu Roshi.